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Aim: To establish a standardised training for learning suturing skills for medical, nursing and relevant healthcare practitioners who are required to carry out this skill as part of their care of patients in either a primary or secondary care setting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the role of the practitioner in suturing
  • Assess the condition of the wound for suturing
  • Plan the suturing
  • Implement suturing
  • Evaluate suturing

Authors: Andrew Renwick, Mark Vella, Jean Ker, Ron Keenan

Last review date: June 2011

Reviewed by: Andrew Renwick, Mark Vella

In partnership with: NHS GGC, NHS Tayside

Next Review due: June 2013

Access: learnPro or Turas Learn

Review Date:  June 2013

Associated equipment – suturing kits available on the MSU