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The idea behind CSMEN was directly informed by government policy which places an emphasis on collaboration, co-operation and partnership to reduce inequality, reduce waiting times, provide more local treatment, improve patient safety and develop new clinical roles.

The key priorities in developing a National Clinical Skills Strategy were to address issues of access; to ensure that clinical skills education in Scotland responded to the needs of the NHS in Scotland; and to achieve best value for the substantial sums of money invested in clinical skills education.

CSMEN was set up in 2007 to achieve equity of access to multi-professional clinical skills training through:

  • the development of a network of people with an interest in clinical training;
  • the provision of Mobile Skills Unit to deliver simulation training in remote and rural areas across Scotland; and,
  • the development of online resources which can be completed anywhere.

CSMEN provides regular updates on training opportunities and a newsletter to a network of over 400 individuals.

The Mobile Skills Unit has visited over 45 different locations providing a safe effective teaching area for clinical skills training and trained more than 8000 individuals including health care practitioners, emergency response teams and the general public.

CSMEN has developed online educational resources according to quality standards and has established a framework for Simulation Based Education.

In addition, CSMEN has awarded more than £70,000 in small seeded grants for 20 different research and development projects.