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Welcome to the Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network


          Mobile Skills Unit Development Questionnaire 


Have you used the Mobile Skills Unit (MSU) in the last 6 years?  If the answer is YES, we need your help!


We are asking all Hosts, Trainers and Trainees to complete our online questionnaire, as your feedback will help us with the future development of the MSU.   


If you have been a Host of the Unit we would also be very grateful if you could please forward the link to all Trainees/Colleagues who have trained on the Unit whilst it has visited your area.


To access the questionnaire please click here


  1. Regions
  2. North
  3. South & East
  4. West

The Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network has divided Scotland into three regions, each led by a Regional Champion on a secondment basis with the remit of developing the network in their region. To find out more, click on the buttons above.

JerryJerry Morse is the Regional Champion for the North. Contact him at

Janet 2013 Janet Skinner is the Regional Champion for the South & East. Contact her at

Anna Anna O'Neill is the Regional Champion for the West . Contact her at anna.o'

The MSU is at its base for annual maintenance

CS MEN Newsletter September 2014  (PDF)


CS MEN Accessible Newsletter  September 2014 (DOC)

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