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Frequently asked questions about the mobile skills unit are presented below.

Please contact CS MEN if you have additional queries.

    Updated: 08/09/2017

    No. The Host/Venue is responsible for providing the trainers for the educational sessions they wish to schedule. All nominated trainers should complete our Mobile Skills Unit Faculty Development Course at the Scottish Center for Simulation & Clinical Human Factors (details below) before they perform sessions onboard the unit. We require at least two professionals from each venue to complete the training before they receive the unit.

    Course Descriptor:  MSU Faculty Development Course Descriptor

    Please go to the MSU Faculty Development Course page for course dates and to register.

    Contact Lynn Hardie, MSU Project Office, for further information (lynn.hardie@nes.scot.nhs.uk)

    Updated: 08/09/2017

    We have a full range of equipment onboard the unit, which is detailed in our Equipment Guide. It includes full details on each piece of equipment and the procedures that can be performed. You can download a copy of the Equipment Guide or request a hard copy by emailing csmen@nes.scot.nhs.uk

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    You can request a visit from the Mobile Skills Unit to your area by contacting Lynn Hardie, Mobile Skills Unit Project Officer, at the CS MEN Office on 01382 425735 or email lynn.hardie@nes.scot.nhs.uk  Visit the Host's Toolkit page for more details.

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    There is no cost in booking the MSU, NHS Education for Scotland fund the transportation and maintenance of the Unit. Consumables for educational sessions and staffing costs must be met by the local Health Board.

    Updated: 08/09/2017

    No, unless they want to use a Mac. There is one PC and one laptop onboard the Mobile Skills Unit in the control room. The laptop controls the simulation equipment (SimMan, SimJunior, SimBaby and SimNewB) and the PC is connected to a large plasma screen and has a variety of software packages including the Microsoft Office suite.

    Updated: 08/09/2017

    Yes, there is a OneTouch Y800 WiFi Station located in Cupboard 5 which can connect up to 10 wifi devices.  Instructions for setting up the WiFi Station are in the Start Up Procedures folder in the Control Room.

    Updated: 08/09/2017

    Yes. The Scottish Centre for Simulation & Clinical Human Factors at Larbert offers a Mobile Skills Unit Faculty Development Course. There are courses offered throughout the year, please go to the MSU Faculty Development Course page for upcoming course dates and to register for a course.

    If you would like further information, please contact Lynn Hardie, MSU Project Officer, on 01382 425735 or email lynn.hardie@nes.scot.nhs.uk

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    No-one comes with the Mobile Skills Unit; it is the responsibility of the Host/Venue to take care of the Unit during the visit. We have an experienced driver who will deliver and set up the MSU including connecting the power supply; after this is completed he will then hand over the keys to a nominated host at the venue who will take responsibility during the visit. This includes setting up/packing away all the equipment required each day and general cleaning

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    A small team of professionals at the venue will be responsible for coordinating the sessions onboard the unit as a direct response to their educational requirements. The CS MEN Office assists by providing skills packs and information regarding the equipment.

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    You will be able to book an education session with the team responsible for coordinating the visit to your area. Please contact the CS MEN Office if you are unsure who to contact and we will assist you.

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    This can be discussed once we have received your request, but most visits are scheduled for one to two weeks in one location as this has proved to be the optimal length of visit.

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    We are asking every professional who takes part in an educational session to complete an evaluation form which includes thoughts on the MSU and on the sessions attended. We use this feedback to assess if the MSU has been successful in meeting educational needs.

    There is currently a PhD research study being conducted on the impact of the MSU entitled "The use and impact of a mobile clinical skills and simulation facility in remote and rural Scotland – a realist synthesis and realist evaluation".

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    Yes, and it's equipped with all that's needed to run Heartstart courses.  You can also request the set of 10 Mini Annes (inflatable CPR manikins) be added to the MSU for community training, contact csmen@nes.scot.nhs.uk to request this.

    Updated: 22/11/2017

    Yes, there is a Passenger Access Lift suitable for wheelchair access. Please contact csmen@nes.scot.nhs.uk to discuss any particular requirements.

    Updated: 22/11/2017


    The majority of equipment you see listed in our Equipment Guide remains onboard the unit; However, there are some models which are available on request only. Please see the list below for equipment available on request:

    Lumbar Puncture Simulator

    Ventrogluteal Intramuscular Injector Model

    Intramuscular Injector Model

    Shoulder for Joint Injection

    Ear Syringe Model and Irrigator

    10 x Mini Annes

    Contact csmen@nes.scot.nhs.uk to request any of the above equipment.

    A detailed guide of how to find each piece of equipment is onboard the Unit.  Please click on the link below to access a copy of the guide:


    MSU Equipment Guide