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A key objective for the Scottish Clinical Skills Strategy is to address the inequity of access to high quality multi-professional education across both geographical and professional boundaries. The Mobile Skills Unit (MSU) was developed to support the delivery of clinical skills training and education to all healthcare practitioners, the emergency services and members of the public across Scotland.

The first MSU was on the road from January 2009 to August 2018 when it was replaced by the current MSU.  The MSU provides a safe learning environment, part-task trainers and state of the art simulation equipment (including SimMan, SimJunior, SimBaby and SimNewB) which allow a broad range of clinical skills education to be delivered.

A host is required in each location to take responsibility for the MSU during a visit and put together a training programme based on local needs. Training can be delivered by a mix of local and national trainers, and we recommend trainers and hosts attend our two day MSU Faculty Development Course prior to an MSU visit.

If you are interested in booking the MSU for your area please visit the Hosts Toolkit page for more information on how to book the MSU, the role of the host and venue requirements.

The MSU was part of a two year pilot study (January 2009 – December 2010), to learn more about this please read the Evaluation of the Pilot of the Mobile Clinical Skills Unit.

Watch our MSU Promotional Video here

For more information about the MSU please contact the MSU Project Officer, Lynn Hardie lynn.hardie@nes.scot.ns.uk or call 01382 496326.