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Lockdown in the Larder

One of the main tenets of the work CSMEN does is equity of access to quality assured training across different health and social care sectors in all the geographical areas of Scotland.  This Once for Scotland approach ensures consistency between the health boards and professions.

The team has applied its working methods and passion to produce quality resources for the COVID-19 pandemic in a timely and professional manner.

The main aim of the Lockdown in the Larder interviews is to gather feedback from people who are using the CSMEN COVID-19 skill bundles to ensure that the content and format stays relevant and appropriate.  It was decided that a short interview with a variety of people about the skill bundles would be both personal and interesting.  This has certainly proved to be the case and will hopefully provide a little lightness while achieving the main aim of improving the COVID-19 skill bundles whilst at the same time raising awareness of them. 

The interviews were conducted by CSMEN’s Clinical Lead, Professor Jean Ker from her larder as it has the best WiFi in her home. 

The team invited a variety of people from different roles within the health and social care system to interview.  The recordings of the interviews can be accessed below.


Adam Hill (Dean of Postgraduate Medicine, NES) commented on Unit B, Assessment and Management: "It's multi-professional,not relying on face to face and uses national and UK resources"

Alison Moggach (Nurse Clinical Lead Covid Hubs and BASICS Scotland Director) commented on Unit B, Assessment and Management: "It's good for our nurses stepping on their journey of advance practice, to prepare them for some of the studies they have to do…especially for the assessment of chest…this was very valuable"

Catie Paton (Clinical Skills Consultant, Medical Education NHS Lanarkshire) reviewed Unit E, Rehearsing Skills using Simulation

Claire Savage (Senior Corporate Project Officer/Researcher NHS Highland) commented on Unit A, Self-Protection: "Personally, I found the multi-professional skills bundles to be extremely useful in developing my knowledge skills and confidence to go back into the clinical environment after 20 years...Essential for any frontline staff to keep themselves and others safe"

Elizabeth Cachia (Grade 5 Physiotherapist, Western General, Edinburgh) commented on Unit A, Self-Protection: "It was nice to have a refresh of exactly how we should be protecting our own bodies whilst we’re helping patients"

Helene Marshall (Principal Educator, NMAHP) commented on Unit D, Procedural Skills using Simulation: "I like the fact it is a multi-disciplinary resource for everybody...I did think it was terribly useful, I like the flow, it looks good and easy to navigate"

Jerry Morse (Clinical Skills Manager, The Suttie Centre) reviewed Unit C, Workplace Protection

Julie Mardon (Centre Director, SCSCHF) commented on Unit E, Rehearsing Skills using Simulation: "It has something for everyone...PPE and safety for all... speaks to everyone"

Michael Moneypenny (Consultant Anaesthetist, Forth Valley Royal Hospital) commented on Unit B, Assessment and Management: "One of the great strengths of CSMEN is it knows what has been developed already and has the ability to link all of those things together into bundles that is just what people need"

Natalie Brown (3rd Year Student Nurse, Perth Royal Infirmary) commented on Unit C, Workplace Protection: "I loved how it was laid out...so accessible"

Neil Harrison (Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee) commented on Unit B, Assessment and Management: "one point where people can come to and have confidence in the information that they’re linking out to...It’s skills you probably still inherently have but it’s about having the confidence to apply them again within this new context"

Nic Richardson (AHP Lead, NHS Tayside) commented on Unit A, Self-Protection: "I liked that recognition that to protect yourself, both sides are equally as important. You physically need to stay safe but you also need to have resilience and mental wellbeing as well...A really good way of making sense of this mass of information that’s out there just now for staff"

Pam Nicol (Programme Director RRHEAL, NES) commented on Unit C Workplace Protection: "Provides a very comprehensive set of information to increase understanding and knowledge but also really importantly a Once for Scotland approach" and "In conversations with colleagues on the frontline they need good quality evidence based information presented for them so that they don’t have to go looking for it…that is what CSMEN specialise in and is achieved in these bundles"

Tanya Somerville (Educational Coordinator, SCSCHF) commented on Unit A, Self-Protection: "The bundle cements good practices - adaptability, communication and resilience"

Vicky Tallentire (APD IMT Simulation Lead) commented on Unit E, Rehearsing Skills using Simulation: "I think it’s amazing that CSMEN has managed to pull this together with all these different stakeholders at a really difficult time...Really easy to navigate...Everyone could quickly find the material that was most helpful for their area"