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FAQs - What they are

    The content of the units will be of relevance to any health or social care practitioner involved in the care of patients with COVID-19 across social, primary and secondary care settings. Some of the skills bundles may also be useful for carers at home. ​​

    The units have been developed in line with the best evidence based practice from the organisations listed below, and are regularly reviewed and updated in line with current advice as new material becomes available.

    • Health Protection Scotland (HPS)
    • Public Health England (PHE)
    • World Health Organisation (WHO)
    • NHS Inform

    Three units of skills bundles have been developed to enhance reliability of practice across all settings:

    A. Protecting yourself in the workplace skills bundle
    B. Assessment and management skills bundle
    C. Protecting your workplace skills bundle

    There are two additional units:

    D. Procedural skills using simulation
    E. Rehearsing skills using simulation

    Skills bundles reliably enhance your practice. These multi-professional bundle of skills will support you as a health care or social practitioner working in any setting with patients with suspected COVID-19 and has been designed to support:

    • any healthcare practitioner working in the NHS or Social Care in Scotland
    • practitioners returning to the workplace as part of their induction
    • healthcare students who have been recruited