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CS MEN has organised 3 conferences to promote the work undertaken in the research and development projects.

CS MEN Conference 2017

The 2017 Conference was entitled The past, present and future for Research and Development in Simulation Based Education in Scotland and the proceedings can be accessed here. The following presentations are available to download:

CS MEN Conference 2014

The 2014 Conference was chaired by Prof Philip Cachia and Prof Jean Ker; the keynote speech was delivered by Vivien Swanson and was entitled Hands, Heads and Bumps - a Human Factors Approach to Behavioural Change. The conference concluded with a plenary session by Peter Davey entitled Quality Improvement: The Hard Science.

CS MEN Conference 2011

Advancing Research in Clinical Skills Education chaired by Prof Philip Cachia, NES Executive Lead for Clinical Skills and Patient Safety. Held at Stirling Management Centre, it was attended by almost 100 healthcare educators and practitioners. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr Nikki Maran, Director of the Scottish Clinical Simulation Centre.