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The unit is a 12m long lorry featuring a custom built classroom with video debrief system and a separate control room.  It also contains a broad range of equipment required for clinical skills training and education.


Pod extends to provide a classroom area of approximately 5m x 4.5m.  All equipment is housed in a mixture of floor to ceiling and mid height cupboards and a large trolley locker, there is also ample worktop space. All cupboard doors can be used as white boards. Other facilities within the classroom area include:

  • TV screen for video debriefing/PowerPoint
  • Debrief computer (Cupboard 1)
  • KwickScreen with interchangeable images to create a separate debrief area
  • Sink with fresh water and waste water containers
  • Ferno ambulance trolley
  • 16 chairs
  • 2 collapsible tables 
  • 1 height adjustable massage table 
  • Wheel chair access



A control room measuring 2m x 2.5m is separated from the classroom by a one way mirror. The control room houses a laptop to operate the simulation equipment and a computer for the audio visual equipment. There is also a large cupboard containing the Equipment Guides and all Equipment Start Up Procedures.



The unit is equipped with a wide range of simulation equipment, including a variety of part task trainers and the following patient simulators:

SimMan Essential





  • PDF - download set up instructions
  • Instructional video coming soon



  • PDF - download set up instructions
  • Instructional video coming soon


For the full range of equipment available and the skills each can be used for, please download our comprehensive Equipment Guide.



To enable video recording and debriefing, the Scotia Medical Observation and Training System (smotsTM ) audio-visual system has been installed. Three smotsTM cameras are fixed in the classroom, the cameras and programme are operated from the computer in the control room and the debrief computer in Cupboard 1 in the classroom. For more information about the smotsTM system, please visit Scotia's website.



A OneTouch Y800 WiFi Station is available on the MSU and can connect up to 10 wifi devices.

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