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Safe Communication in Health Care Practice

Aim: This programme has been developed to enable you to develop your knowledge and skills in learning safe communication skills for health care practice. The programme is an introduction to raise awareness of the impact that your ability to communicate has on patient care. It is not comprehensive but gives an excellent overview of areas of safe communications practice.

The programme has been structured into five learning units: a core unit and four optional units.

Core unit

  • Safety and communication issues in health care practice

Optional units

  • Safe communication with patients
  • Safe communication with colleagues
  • Communication issues related to safety within the organisation
  • Safe communication practices utilising different mediums¬†

Authors: Jean Ker, Clinical Lead, Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network/ University of Dundee In partnership with: University of Dundee

Last review date: 2013

Reviewed by: Jean Ker

Next Review due: 2016

Access: Turas Learn

For further information please contact: csmen@nes.scot.nhs.uk