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Lumbar Puncture

Aim: This clinical skills programme has been developed to enable practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills for lumbar puncture. Adopting a multi-professional approach to clinical skills training will promote standardised practice in the delivery of health care procedures, will encourage effective working relationships and will provide patients with access to multi-skilled, flexible health care practitioners

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the indications for performing a lumbar puncture and its use in clinical practice.
  • An understanding of risk assessment, patient safety concerns and contraindications of the procedure.
  • An understanding of the potential complications of the procedure and the basic principles of their management.
  • An understanding of the practicalities of performing lumbar puncture in a safe and structured fashion.
  • An awareness of their own personal limitations and when to obtain help from a senior clinician.

Authors: James Tiernan, Russell Hewett, Calum McGregor, Graham Nimmo

Last review date: 2014

Reviewed by: Charles Leeson-Payne, Susan Nimmo

In partnership with: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Lothian

Next Review due: Oct 2016

Associated equipment: lumbar puncture simulator available for hire or use on the MSU

Access: learnPro or Turas Learn