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Chest Drains

Aim: On completion of the chest drain programme (completion of the pack, attendance at simulated practice session, supervised practice and successful completion of assessments) the practitioner will be competent in the clinical skill of the insertion of or removal of a chest drain and the management of a patient with a chest drain in place.

Learning Outcomes: mapped against the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) competencies and successful completion will contribute towards Core dimensions 1-6, Health & Wellbeing dimensions 1-8, Information and Knowledge dimensions 1-3 and General dimensions 1-2 & 7-8. Core dimensions covered include Communications (C1-2), Personal and People Development (C2-3), Health, Safety and Security (C3-3), Service Improvement (C4-2), Quality (C5-3) and Equality and Diversity (C6-1). Specific dimensions have been mapped against the learning outcomes below.

Authors: Janet Skinner, NHS Lothian

Last review date: 2014

Reviewed by: Janet Skinner

In partnership with: NHS Lothian

Next Review due: March 2016

Access: learnPro or Turas Learn

The pack has an associated template for a workshop – facilitators handbook can be found here.

Associated equipment – Chest drain kit and several part task trainers available on the MSU.

For further information contact: csmen@nes.scot.nhs.uk