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Simulation Technician Capabilities Framework

Simulation Technician Capabilities Framework

CS MEN has been leading the development of a framework for simulation technicians over the past 12 months. There is international consensus that sim techs need to be recognised for their specialist capabilities in delivering quality simulation based education.

The establishment of a framework of sim tech capabilities will enable:

  • Sim techs to have agreed capabilities at expected standards;
  • Domains of practice to be identified and agreed; and,
  • Agreement around evidence required for each capability within each domain.

This initiative has been led by Tanya Somerville Centre Manager/Educational coordinator at the Scottish Centre for Simulation and Clinical Human Factors (SCSCHF) supported by Jean Ker (CS MEN Clinical Lead), Andrea Baker (CS MEN Manager) and Michael Moneypenny, (SCSCHF Director).

The process has required a review of the literature and other initiatives and work programmes namely that of ASPiH and the Society of Simulation in Healthcare in the USA.  This and generic programmes in the UK in place for laboratory technicians led to the first drafting of a Scottish national capabilities framework.

As part of a consensus Modified Delphi process to develop this national framework further current sim techs from throughout Scotland were invited to a workshop in September 2107 to review the list of capabilities identified, add to the list and then to categorise them into domains before developing examples of evidence required to demonstrate capability.

The workshop explored the purpose of having standards in terms of enabling sim techs to continuously improve and ensure the simulation training provided reaches a similar quality wherever the training is being provided and to whoever. An added benefit for sim techs in having a national capabilities framework is that it would provide increased flexibility to move between centres and enhance patient safety through reduced variations in practice.

A review of the list of capabilities in the domains of core simulation practice for technicians, health and safety, professional code of conduct and advanced simulation practice for technicians was undertaken along with suggestions for evidence for each capability. This input is being reviewed before being sent out for a further iteration for clarification of domains and ranking of capabilities in early 2018.  Plans are to have the framework ready for publication by April 2018.

If anyone, who hasn’t had the opportunity to, would like to input into this process please contact us.