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CS MEN was thrilled to be recognised with the ASPIRE Award for Excellence in Simulation from the Association for Medical Education (AMEE). We are the first in the UK to have received this award for simulation and also the only network in the world to receive an Aspire award. This gives recognition to all the hard work and quality education that occurs under the CS MEN umbrella with the MSU and our partner organisations SCSCHF and BASICS.  

The 2018 Award for Excellence in Simulation was granted for the “exemplary simulation” education being carried out by CS MEN. Over the last 10 years, CS MEN through its Mobile Skills Unit (MSU), BASICS Scotland and the SCSCHF has delivered training to over 12,000 practitioners, in urban and remote and rural areas, who otherwise would not have access to high quality simulation education.  A blended approach using on line and tele-education helps to enhance and customise learning for busy practitioners.

The CS MEN network provides:

  • Procedural and team work skills;
  • Training in pre-emergency hospital care; and
  • Training in specialist technical and non-technical skills and faculty development.

The ASPIRE citation also highlighted not just the benefits for Scotland but for the wider international professional community. 

CS MEN Clinical Lead Prof Jean Ker said:

“This is a wonderful achievement for Scotland, for NHS Education for Scotland, and most of all to those who have contributed to what has been a very innovative approach to delivering education to all health care practitioners wherever they work. With the MSU, BASICS, SCSCHF and the recent involvement of NES Knowledge Services we have demonstrated excellent collaborative working to deliver a top-notch service. The whole team is really chuffed.”

“We plan to build on this success, and are introducing a new MSU, which was officially opened by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport on 20 September 2018. This innovative unit is a magnitude of order better than the last one and will make a massive contribution to developing the next generation of Scotland’s workforce.”

Click here for interview with Caroline Lamb, Chief Executive of NHS Education for Scotland following receipt of the Award.