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In 2011 the Remote and Rural Healthcare Education Alliance (RRHEAL), British Association for Immediate Care Scotland (BASICS) and CS MEN undertook a survey to identify training required by remote and rural practitioners in relation to pre-hospital mental health crises using a modified Delphi approach.  This identified suicide prevention training and rehearsing the implementation of local Psychiatric Emergency Plans as key priorities.  Several funded workshops were held on the Mobile Skills Unit involving the Manchester Self Harm Mitigation Training (STORM) suicide prevention learning pack and CS MEN scenarios of pre-hospital mental health crises rehearsing with local Psychiatric Emergency Plans.  One of the challenges in sustaining this education intervention was using an external resource and the lack of an ongoing funding stream.  

Although the use of simulation for education of health care practitioners has escalated in Scotland since the implementation of the Scottish Clinical Skills Strategy in 2008 its use in Psychiatry has not developed and spread equitably across all practitioner groups.   

Improving mental health is however a key priority for the Scottish Government as Mental Health is one of the major public health challenges in Scotland in 2018.  In addition, the need to develop simulation as part of postgraduate medical specialty training has become a priority and in 2017 NES set up the Medical Simulation Collaborative. This group identified using simulation for psychiatry trainees as a priority  

CS MEN has taken the initiative to bring together our remote and rural experience and our multi-professional network to agree on simulation in psychiatry priorities for Scottish psychiatry trainees.  There is also a need for training in psychiatric emergencies for all medical and surgical trainees and also for remote and rural practitioners.  We have set up a short life working group and plan to have a CS MEN Scottish Forum Event on Simulation in Psychiatry to share best practice and identify priorities for the different user groups in 2019.  We will be sharing scenarios using the CS MEN template and create access to other learning resources and courses (such as APEX) to prevent duplication of effort.  We have already had input from BASICS, NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Tayside and NHS Forth Valley.  If you would like to be involved in developing, piloting or sharing expertise or resources please get in touch.   

Jean Ker, Associate Postgraduate Dean for Clinical Skills

Remit of Simulation in Psychiatry SLWG

Identify current use of Simulation in Psychiatry in postgraduate medical education across Scotland.

Determine priorities for the use of Simulation in Psychiatry for: 

  • Psychiatry trainees in relation to specialty curriculum requirements; 
  • Psychiatry trainees in relation to medical and surgical emergencies; 
  • Remote and rural practitioners in relation to psychiatric emergencies; and, 
  • Other medical trainees in relation to psychiatric emergencies. 

Focus the use of Simulation in Psychiatry on building confidence and capability across the mental health workforce. 

Disseminate agreed best practice in the use of Simulation in Psychiatry for training medical practitioners working in healthcare wherever it is being delivered in Scotland. 

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Jean Ker, Associate Postgraduate Dean for Clinical Skills


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