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Venue Requirements

Before booking the MSU the following requirements must be met:

  • Identify a parking space - on level ground with easy access measuring at least 12.5m long x 5.5m wide x 4.5m high. If this site is within a car park the area must be cordoned off to allow easy access for the vehicle.
  • Access to a power supply –  the MSU can be powered using a 32, 16 or 13 amp socket, however, if there is no power supply available at the venue the on board generator can be used to power the vehicle during its visit.  The generator is set to charge the on board batteries at specific times of the day, and will also automatically start if the batteries drop below 40%.
  • Host/Other Contact – a person must be available to meet the MSU when it arrives and departs to direct the driver to the parking site and take responsibility for the keys. Contact details must be provided to the MSU Project Officer prior to the visit.

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